The true taste of Asian food! Savor it and you will be totally charmed by the traditional and authentic Asian recipes. Come treat yourself to the best of Asian food recipes.

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The Practical Guide For Asian Recipes

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    Local Recipes and Cuisines

    A whole range of good eating from Asian cuisine to classic everyday food. Contains everything from simple soups to exotic main courses, from family puddings and snacks to desserts for the most lavish of dinner parties. Dip into this tremendous range of recipes and you'll be sure to find everything you need.

    1. Burmese Recipes

    2. Chinese Recipes

    3. Indian and Pakistani Recipes

    4. Indonesian Recipes

    5. Japanese Recipes

    6. Korean Recipes

    7. Laotian and Cambodian Recipes

    8. Malaysian and Singaporean Recipes

    9. Philippines Recipes

    10. Sri Lankan Recipes

    11. Thai Recipes

    12. Vietnamese Recipes

    Food ... Glorious Food !!!

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  • Delve into a host of culinary pleasures and treasures below...
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    Traditional Asian Recipes

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    1. Asian Salad Recipes

    2. Beef and Veal Recipes

    3. Dessert Recipes

    4. Exotic Desserts Recipes

    5. Dim Sum Recipes

    6. Hawkers Delight

    7. Herbs and Spices Recipes

    8. Lamb and Pork

    9. Meat & Kebabs

    10. Nyonya Recipes

    11. Pickles and Chutneys

    12. Poultry and Game

    13. Seafood Recipes

    14. Starters and Snacks

    15. Stocks and Soups

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      Tofu, Beans and Nuts
    17. Vegetarian Recipes

    Articles and Guide
    1. Asian Kitchen

    2. Cooking Tips

    3. Cooking Guide

    4. Food Articles

    5. Health & Fitness

    6. Herbs for Health

    7. Thermometers

    8. Vegetables Guide

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    2. Food Terminologies (UK/US)

    3. Equivalents

    4. FAQ

    5. Glossary

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    7. Cooking Blog


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    2. Orange and Ginger Sorbet
    3. Nasi Kunyit (Turmeric Glutinous Rice)
    4. Barley and detoxification
    5. Chili Jam Recipe
    6. Chiang Mai Curry Paste Recipe

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