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    Lauderdale's Souffle - it is a must - nothing else like it in Tokyo

    Lauderdale’s Souffle – it is a must – nothing else like it in Tokyo

    Despite being a city that prides itself in being a gourmand’s heaven, for some reason Tokyo is quite an underperformer when it comes to breakfast options. Now don’t get me wrong, if you are looking for a quick and healthy bite on your way to work for less than 500 yen then there are a plentitude of options. I have certainly been known to stop by Dotour or even the odd Kissaten (喫茶店, old school Japanese coffee house) but how many places can you tell me that offer a decent sit-down breakfast that you would feel comfortable taking your beloved girlfriend, better-half or even the kids?

    1 Yen Coin

    1 Yen Coin – What is its fate?

    Next time you are having lunch with your Japanese colleagues, and have one of those awkward moments where no-one has a good topic to tide over until the food arrives, try asking them their thoughts on the 1 yen coin. Half of them will respond that they never really gave it any thought (i.e. they could never think of not having it), and the other half will tell you that “you can’t just not make the one yen coin”. Dig a little deeper, and ask them why? It is here where you find deeply ingrained, and somewhat unfounded Nihonjin-ness come out – Japan is still mero-mero in love with their yen, and bringing up its abolishment brings gains us a little more insight into just how close the Japanese individuals are in their way of thinking when it comes to matters close to home (read this anecdote if you read Japanese, it expresses the sentiment of many people in Japan towards the 1 yen coin).

    crack professional 7.0 to keep our salt intake below 9g/day.
    Think that sounds a little controversial? Not according to Yoshiaki Murakami (村上譲顕) who has spent his entire adult life researching the health benefits of salt and swears by evolution of earth

    Yumenoshima - Likely the only tropical waterfall in Tokyo

    Yumenoshima - Likely the only tropical waterfall in Tokyo

    I will freely admit that I was clutching at straws as I tried to excite myself about our plan to visit a botanical garden built on an reclaimed island created by years and years of Tokyo rubbish. But – believe it or not – by the time I got home after sundown, I was really impressed with my trip to Yumenoshima (夢の島). My pocket was a mere 250 yen lighter for the pleasure and my son went to bed with a huge smile on his face. I could highly recommend visiting all of the facilities on Yumenoshima, but particularly the Tropical Botanical Gardens (夢の島熱帯植物館) was fantastic. It smashed my (low) expectations. The gardens are inside a huge hot house they are also perfect for a cold or rainy day when you don’t have anywhere else to go!

    Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami Documentary - Fuji TV

    Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami Documentary - Fuji TV


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    Sexless Japan Interview - Rieko Saigo

    At the beginning we thought it was just us. But as the number of comments grew on our india today magazine, we decided to get to the bottom of things and track down a specialist on couples, sex, and the general state of sexlessness in Japan.

    Sexless Japan

    We need your help - what do you need to know to help your sexless marriage?

    Although it seems to be sex that sells in the  rest of the world, unfortunately in the jaded world of gaijin’s married to Japanese it is sexlessness that sells.  To commemorate the fact that our most popular article on stippy.com the truth behind “Sexless Japan” has received a whopping 500+ comments and more traffic than any other article we have written, we’ve decided to research for a follow-up article – and we need your help to make it an insightful one!

    A fresh look at Japan, by gaijins for gaijins!